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Grab your domain back with Alantron Backorder. ABS records your domain under your name immediately after the domain is deleted. If ABS fails you are fully refunded.
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  KILAVUZ (A7440-186)  
   CN Domain Name Rules  

Alantron supports cn,, and domain name extensions.
- CN domains can registered up to 10 years.
- The domain can have minimum 3 and maximum 64 characters. The characters can be latin letters, numbers and hyphen character.
- The following documents are required for CN domain registrations:
-- For individuals: ID Card or Residence Booklet or Driving License or Passport
-- For companies: ID Card or Residence Booklet or Driving License or Passport AND Business Certificate or Certificate of Public Institution or Organization with Legal Person status
- The documents must be delivered to support at address in jpeg format within 10 days.
- If the hosting will be done in China then the MIIT ICP number must be delivered to Alantron.
- Deleted CN domains will wait 15 days in Redemption Grace and then will be immediately available for new registrations.
- Change of ownership on CN domains can be done only with forms and documents.

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