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   How can I transfer my RU domain to Alantron?  

RU transfers are free of charge. RU transfers does not require a transfer auth code. Transferred RU domains are not renewed for another year.
Please initiate the transfer in a regular fashion. After the transfer request is received a NIC-D Handle and a password for the RU registry will be emailed to
your email address on record. Here are the steps you need to follow after that:
1- Go to
2- Login to the system by pushing the Log in button.
3- Visit Orders -> Domain Transfer -> Account to Account page.
4- Type in your RU domain name and push the Continue button.
5- Enter your new NIC-D Handle and Contact Password information.

To transfer a RU domain outside Alantron requires similar procedures. You can contact your new registrar to their own custom procedures. Please contact Alantron
support to obtain your current NIC-D Handle and password.

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