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Grab your domain back with Alantron Backorder. ABS records your domain under your name immediately after the domain is deleted. If ABS fails you are fully refunded.
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   Rules for DE extention registration  

- DE registrations include one year renewal.
- DE domains are deleted on 26th day of the expiration month regardless of the exact expiration date.
- DE domains muust be renewed BEFORE the expiration date. After expiration the domain can not be renewed at Alantron. After it is deleted it can be registered anew.
- The owner or the administrative contact of a DE domain must have a Germany address.
- Deletion of a DE domain can only be done by creating a ticket for Alantron support.
- Deleted DE domain is available for new registration immediately. There is no restoration period.
- DE domains are registered for one year. Renewals are done by Alantron.
- DE transfers include one year renewal.
- For transfferring a DE domain to Alantron the transfer authorization code must be entered at panel. No other approvals are required.
- Authorization code must be at least 8 characters long.
- Authorization code can not contain I, i, O, o, 0 and 1 characters.
- Authorization code expires in 30 days.
- You would loose your remaining time for your time if you transfer.
- The Name of the DE contacts can not be changed. If this is required please kreate another contact.
- If you change contacts after you kreate an authorization code, the code will cease validity.
- To be able to change the domain contacts the domain must have valid NS and A type DNS records.
- DE domains must have at least 2 , at max 13 DNS or nameservers in total.
- Valid DNS servers are required for registration, for DNS modification, for change of contact and for transfers of a DE domain. You can use default Alantron
DNS servers.
- IMPORTANT: For DE domains the DNS servers must always contain DNS records for the domain. The A and NS records must exist. Otherwise for 30 days DENIC will
send you notification messages. And if it is still not corrected then DENIC deletes your domain.
For example if you have a hosting, prior to domain registration you need to kreate a host account for the domain name and then register the domain.
- All IP addresses for the DNS servers must be unique.
- Due to DENIC regulations DE extensions are not qualified for money back guarantee.
- Prior to creating a nameserver for DE domain the nameserver records must be kreated at the hosting DNS server and this nameserver must be assigned as the NS
of the domain.
- DE systems do not support IPv6

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