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Grab your domain back with Alantron Backorder. ABS records your domain under your name immediately after the domain is deleted. If ABS fails you are fully refunded.
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Domain management at is designed to make your domain and account administration as easy as possible. With a few steps you can achieve your goal
quickly. To access your Account Administration page follow the directions below.
1. Go to the main page at
2. Click on Account Administration and then Manage Domain.
3. Here you will see a list of actions you may take. Click on the appropriate link to for the related section.
List Domains : Use this link to list all the domains related with your account at
Transaction History : Lists all the transactions based on a particular domain that you will choose. Use this link to list the administrative transactions
you recently made with your domain name.
Proof of Purchase : You can display the online invoice of your domain name at this page. You can review and re-generate your proof of purchase related
to your domain name.
Transfer Authorization Code (incoming transfer) : You can re-start a failed transfer at this page. A transfer may fail if the current contacts or the
current Registrar on record does not approve your transfer request. If your transfer request has failed because of these reasons it will be listed at this page.
You can re-start the transfer of this domain without any additional cost. After you initiate a re-transfer the system will continue the process from the point
where it failed.
Continuing Transfers : List the transfers that are currenly in ongoing status.
Domain Renewal : You can list the domains you manage and renew them at this section.
Backorder Requests : List the recent backorders you placed. You can see the current status of the domain here.
Review Domain Configuration : List all the technical and administrative details of the domain.
Lock / Unlock Domain : View and change the current lock status of the domain. Locking a domain is an additional security implementation which prevents
your domain to be transferred away and any name server changes of your domain.
Transfer Authorization Code (outgoing transfer) : If you want to transfer your domain to another registrar, you will need an authorization code. You can
view or change your auth-code here.
Manage Web and Email Redirections : This section is limited to the Technical and Administrative Contacts of the domain name. At this section you can
redirect your web address to another web address and you can forward all email requests coming to your domain to a mail server you specify.
Manage Web and Email Servers : This section is limited to the Technical and Administrative Contacts of the domain name. This is a simplified interface to
manage your free nameservers to help you host your domain name. You can enter your domain names hosting web server and hosting email server at this
stage. To get help on the vales to enter here please consult your hosting provider. You can request assistance from your hosting provider if they have a valid
Alantron ID.
Customize Name Servers : This section is limited to the Technical and Administrative Contacts of the domain name. You can highly customize you domain
name's DNS configuration at this section. This section is recommmended to experienced administrations only. A wrong configuration may lead to failure of your
DNS responses. does not provide technical help on this section.
Enter Servers : This section is limited to the Technical and Administrative Contacts of the domain name. You can assign your nameservers to your domain
name at this section. Any modifications on this page will disable all configurations you have for redirecting or managing your DNS entries at You
can kreate sub-domains by entering the corresponding IP addresses.
Transfer a Domain to Your Account : You can initiate a transfer of your domain to at this page.
Modify Domain Contacts : This section is limited to the Administrative Contact of the domain name only. At this page you can review and change the
Administrative, Technical and Billling Contacts of your domain name.
Change of Ownership Form : This form is required if a change of ownership for a domain name is necessary. Please provide the exact documentation required.
Delete Your Domain Name Form : To delete a domain name use this form. Please note that after the expiration date a domain name is automatically deleted.
Manually deleting a domain name is rarely required. To delete your domain name please provide the exact documentation required at this page.
What's Next?
If you have any questions during your account administration please refer to our Technical Support pages.

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