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Grab your domain back with Alantron Backorder. ABS records your domain under your name immediately after the domain is deleted. If ABS fails you are fully refunded.
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   Step by step domain name transfer to  

These are the steps you need to follow to transfer a domain name to
1. Go to the main page at
2. Click on Transfer
3. At the Transfer a Domain Name stage, in the domain name section write the bulk of the domain name that you would like to transfer. In the extension
check box choose the appropriate extension and push the Transfer button.
For example if you would like to transfer '', in the domain name section write 'example' and in the check box section select '.com'.
If you already have a transfer request in place for the same domain name which was rejected for different reasons, you can re-initiate this transfer at the
Restart a Failed Transfer section.
4. Next page will shov if the domain name you selected is transferable or not. If your domain name is transferable push the Transfer this domain to
Alantron button.
5. In the Registration stage you will have to provide the domain name transfer owner information. If you are a registered user simply enter your user
name and push the Login button.
If you are a new user select the appropriate choose box if you are an Organization or an Individual at the top of the form. Then continue with filling in the
necessary information at the form.
It is necessary for you to provide correct and up-to-date information about the domain owner. Wrong information may lead to loosing your rights on this domain
6. In the Verification stage verify the information you provided. and correct if necessary. Push Continue when ready.
7. In the Order stage, verify your order. Read and check the boxes to continue.
8. In the Billing stage choose your payment method and push the corresponding button.
If you choose to pay by credit card you will be redirected to our bank's payment gateway. Please enter the card information and you will be redirected back to
our web site by the bank and the operation will be completed. This is a suggested payment method since the transfer of your domain name will be immediately
If you choose to pay be wire transfer, in the next page you will be provided wire transfer details. Please follow the directions on this page. When your payment
arrives we will execute your transfer request.
However please note that we can not guarantee the transferability of your domain name at the time of our receipt of your wire transfer payment as the domain
name may expire or may not be transferable.
What's Next?
Alantron will do its best to transfer your domain name at the earliest time frame possible. This time frame is also dependent on the current contacts on record
of the domain names and the current Registrar on record. Quick approval of this transfer by the domain name contacts and the current Registrar will lead to
quick completion of the transfer.
To speed up the process you are recommended to inform the current domain name contacts about this transfer and lift the transfer lock with your current
Registrar if any. To eliminate Registrar related delays please provide us the transfer identification number of your domain name if you current Registrar has
assigned one.
The ownership of the domain name and nameserver configuration will not be changed with this transfer. You will not loose any remaining days of your domain name
and one year extension will be applied.

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