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   Getting ref no information of a contact via API  

This API command is used to obtain the user ref no of a user in your reseller panel, via API.
Gets contacts ref no information.
Parameteter Data Type Required Values Default Description
type getcontactcode
resellerno integer Mandatory - - Reseller No
resellerpwd string Mandatory - - Reseller password
lang string Optional en,tr en Response language
responsetype string Optional json,xml json Response format
name string Optional - - Contact first name and last name
email string Optional - - Contact email
address string Opsiyonel - - Contact address
city string Opsiyonel - - Contact city
country string Opsiyonel - - Country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)
zip string Opsiyonel - - Contact postal code
phone string Opsiyonel 10 haneli - Contact phone


Return Value:
If the operation is successful the contact ref no is returned. If contact is not found or if more than one contact is found then the reseller's ref no is returned. If unsuccessful it returns fail.

HTTP Method : POST

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