Alantron Backorder System


Backorder service is a special advanced system that grabs a deleted domain name in miliseconds after its deletion and places it under your account at Alantron.

The domain name will be continuously monitored by the state-of-art Alantron backorder systems and will be registered for your name instantly after being deleted.

You will not be charged unless the backorder is succesfully completed. To initiate a backorder a credit card is required.

If the backorder is succeeded the backorder payment will be 9.47 USD + 1 year domain name registration price.

Please enter the domain name to backorder.

Domain Name Extension


1) Alantron system notifies the user by email immediately after succesfully grabbing the domain name.
2) Domain name ownership depends on the successfull payment for the backorder and only guaranteed for three days after the email notification. If the payment is not successfully received by the end of the third day, the user looses ownership rights. It is the responsibility of the user to follow the email notification made by Alantron.
3) Backorder will start after the credit card verification. No funds will be withdrawn from the credit card.