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   What is Cpanel? How can I reach Cpanel?  

Cpanel is an hosting platform provided by all Alantron hosting packages. You can manage your hosting package detailly with via this platform. Alantron provides Cpanel for end-users and WHM for Alantron resellers.

You can find all necessary information to reach and management of your hosting in the Hosting Setup email that is sent right after your hosting registration. Your Cpanel username and password is also included in the same email. If you have not recevied the Hosting Setup email right after your hosting registration then please check your Spam folder. If you still can not find the setup email them please contact us via phone, live support or email. Please note that you can also access the Hosting Setup email at the Message Box section at

If you have already updated your DNS servers of your domain name and this is the first time that you are trying to access your Cpanel then you can reach to your Cpanel server like this:

Here should be replaced with the domain name that your hosting is setup for.

If you tried to access before making the DNS changes, since the old information is probably cached on either your computer or Telecom operator then you can temporarily access your server via this address:

If you can not reach with the described methods or if you face any other problems then please reach Alantron Support via phone, live support or email.

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