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Grab your domain back with Alantron Backorder. ABS records your domain under your name immediately after the domain is deleted. If ABS fails you are fully refunded.
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   How can I decrease the risk of my domain and passwords to be stolen?  

The most important thing to do to prevent other steal your domain and passwords is to secure the e-mail addresses of the contacts you assigned for your domain
name. In other words no one else should be able to access the e-mail addresses you entered for the domain owner, administrative, billing and technical contacts
and your must frequently watch these e-mail addresses. This way you can totally eliminate the risk of your domain name to be transferred to another registrar
without your approval.

If your domain name is stolen by another user at Alantron, it is fairly easy to determine the real domain owner as we do keep the account transactions and
fingerprints of your accounts as required by ICANN. You must enduse the security of your Alantron passwords too. Your password being acquired by a third party
may lead to a DNS misconfiguration and non-functionality, even for a short period of time.

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