VPS Detayları

Virtual Private Server VPS Base Base VPS
additional features will be added on this base.
Monthly Price
Annual (%10 discount)
Set-up Free Free


Supported OS Windows + Linux Several Linux and Windows based OS supported. For full list please click Configure
Set-up Fee 0 No set-up fee
CPU 1 1-core CPU
Disc Space 20 GB
(20.000 MB)
Dedicated minimum disk space
(1000 MB)
Dedicated minimum memory space
Traffic 1 TB
(1000 GB)
Traffic limit. If limit exceeded speed drops from 1 Gbit/s to 10Mbit/s. No over-use fee.
Network Connection 1 Gbit/s-Port

Operating System

Operating System Setup Pre-installed The VPS is provided with OS installed

CentOS 5 32-bit
CentOS 6.5 32-bit
CentOS 6.5 64-bit
CentOS 7.0 64-bit
CentOS 7.5 64-bit
Debian 7.6 32-bit
Debian 7.6 64-bit
Debian 10.2 64-bit
openSuSE 13.1 64-bit
Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit
CentOS 7 64-bit
CentOS 7.4 64-bit
CentOS 8.1 64-bit
FreeBSD 9.1 64-bit
FreeBSD 9.2 64-bit
FreeBSD 10.0 64-bit

Windows Server 2012 Standard 64-bit
Windows Server 2012 Datacenter 64-bit
Windows Server 2016 Standard 64-bit
Windows Server 2016 Datacenter 64-bit
Windows Server 2019 Standard 64-bit
Windows Server 2019 Datacenter 64-bit
Apache Apache installation ready
Mysql Mysql installation ready
PHP PHP installation ready
ASP ASP installation ready (only windows)

Application Programs

Cpanel (optional)
Cpanel/WHM 11

Plesk (optional)
Parallels® Plesk Panel 12
SSH Root Access Root access with SSH (linux)
RDP Administrator Access Administrator connection with Remote Desktop (windows)
VNC VNC connection


Free Internal Traffic Unlimited internal traffic between your servers
External Traffic 1 TB Monthly 1 TByte data traffic. Over 1 TByte connections speed drops from 1 Gbit/s to 10 Mbit/s.
Statistics Traffic and resource usage statistics
IPv4 1 1 IPv4 IP address
IPv6 10 10 IPv6 IP addresses
Reverse DNS Record Reverse DNS registration for your IP address
Backup Fully automated weekly VPS backup
Remote Reboot VPS reboot via Alantron control panel
SSH/RDP Access Full root access
Firewall Firewall software installation


Uplink 1 G-bit uplink Network uplink connection speed
Guaranteed Bandwidth 200 Mbit/s upload, 200 Mbit/s download Minimum bandwidth guaranteed at any given time
RAID 1 RAID 1 (double hard disk) servers
Network Uptime %99 Network uptime ratio
7x24 Monitoring 7x24 server access
Air condition Air conditioned datacenter

Technical Support

Ticket Technical support via tickets.
E-mail Technical support via e-mail
Phone Technical support via phone
Documentation VPS documentations
7x24 Online Management VPS management via Alantron control panel including remote access, reboot, reverse ip entry etc.


+1 GB RAM 2.35 USD 1 GB RAM memory addon
+20 GB Hard Disk 1.95 USD 10 GB hard disk addon
+1 CPU Core 3.95 USD 1 CPU core addon
+1 TByte Traffic 7.50 USD Extra 1 Tbyte traffic


Method of Payment optional optional
Minimum Contract Period 1 month 1 month
Automatic Renewal optional optional
VPS Transfer Free VPS transfer

Tax included.

* Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter, Cpanel/WHM and Plesk licenses is not included in the price. You can obtain licence from Alantron or your own.

** Although IPv6 addresses can be distributed, the use of IPvs is not yet very common.