Frequently Asked Questions

Who should ideally use the Mysql60 web package?

The best price / performace is provided with this web package. Mysql60 web package is specially designed for companies who need less than 100 email addresses, medium sized web sites with multi-media content, forums, joomla, frequently visited personal web sites etc.. The limits of the database is limited only by the limits of the package itself. The rich number of supported modules and the large limits overall resources usually minimizes the need for extra add-on feature and extra payments for this package.

What is SSL Web Server Wildcard Certificate? And how can I use it?

SSL Web Server Wildcard Certificate can be used for more than one subDNS (host) for a domain. For example it can be used for unlimited number of subDNS like,, All subDNS' must use the same IP address.

Who are Alantron's customers?

We are proud to be a preffered domain name and internet services supplier to the leading national and international organizations in Turkey. Also due to our powerful control panels and competitive pricing we see a high level of response from the end users. Having customer satisfaction rates stabilizing around %96.97 is another encouraging parameter for our services. Two of every three Alantron customer buys a second domain from Alantron.

Who should ideally use the Classic web package?

Classic web package is the most economic Alantron web package especially designed for personal web site owners and small sized companies. Being the most economical definetely does not mean that it is lower rated.