First Level Chain Structure

Security Certificates™ is in the first chain of certificate verification. For example when a browser (Internet Explorer) visits a web site, the certificate will be recognized by the first round of verification. By this way the query will be completed in a shorter period of time in the chain of security analysis. The certificate authority is positioned as a Root Certificate Authority and is not bound to another certificate authority.

Widest Browser Compatibility

Security Certificates™ is one of the first security certificates in the market. In practical this means it is compatible with most of the browsers in the market. In other words while newer certificates can not be recognized by Internet Explorer 6 and older, there would be no such problems with the SSL certificates. Consequently not giving "Untrusted Certificate" error at older browsers is the main advantage of these certificates among other competitor certificates in the market.

Widest Encryption Support

Security Certificates™ can support upto 1024 bit encryption. This is one of the highest encryption level used in the market today.

Identity Verification In 54 Languages

Being one of oldest and stable certificate authorities, certificate authority can complete the identity verification in a very short time regardless of where you are in the world. With support upto 54 languages and integration with identity verification systems in many countries, it can provide the certificate accurately in the shortest period of time.

Unlimited Certificate Re-issues

When a certificate has be re-generated, it can be regenerated free of charge as many times as necessary. The certificate will be regenerated shortly and delivered to the user.

Economical Solution

With Alantron - certificate authority business relationship, Security Certificates™ are delivered to Alantron at one of the best prices in the world. The low prices are not just valid for initial registration but applies to renewals too. There may be additional discounts for multiple year registrations and renewals.

24x5 Free Technical Support

Besides qualified Alantron Technical Support, 24x5 (phone/fax/chat) certificate authority's Technical Support will also be available.

Recognized Site Seal

Popularly known certificate authority Site Seal is one of the main factors for buying a security certificate. Displaying a Site Seal may prove that the certificate was purchased from a well-known authority and the identity procedures were fully completed. You can displace this seal anywhere in your website and when a visitor clicks on the seal they will obtain secure and trusted information about your company.

Large Documentation

All integration documentation and faqs for almost all platforms are developed by the certificate authority. Beyond this Alantron Technical Support may help you during the initial set-up.

Alantron Official Partner

Alantron is a certificate authority business partner. An extension to long-term Alantron - Verisign business relationship, this formation aims to deliver the first class Security Certificates™ to the market in the most economical way via a trusted company like Alantron.