Business Email Packages

The greatest Alantron email package provides a huge email disk storage space. This email package is particularly for companies with heavy and invaluable email traffic. It allows company users to store their emails over webmail and IMAP. It is possible to monitor every single email coming in and going out.

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Ebox_1962_50 Business Email Package
50 Business E-mail Addresses, 54 GB disk space (per email address / 2700 GB total), Promoted, Unlimited Traffic, Full backup, SSL Support, Outlook, Iphone, Android, Webmail, Reverse DNS entry, DKIM Feature (in sending mail), SPF Feature (in sending mail), Free Anti-Spam (in receiving email)

~ 9150.50 TL

** tax included.


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Ebox_1962_50 Business Email Package
Monthly Traffic Unlimited
Total Disk Space Unlimited
E-mail Management Outlook, Webmail, Gmail, Yandex, Iphone, Android
Mobile Access - NEW!
Personal Calendar - NEW!
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Feature supported.
Feature not supported.

Integrated Anti-Spam Filter

With reliable and detailed web interface you can easily manage your spam mail settings and redirect incoming spam mails to your spam folder. All incoming emails are scanned with an anti-virus program on the server and then delivered to you. The emails you send are ensured to be delivered to the inbox of the recepient with reverse DNS, SPF and DKIM technologies.

Basic Features
* 50 Business E-mail Addresses
* 54 GB disk space (per email address / 2700 GB total)
* Promoted
* Unlimited Traffic
* Full backup
* SSL Support
* Outlook
* Iphone
* Android
* Webmail
* Reverse DNS entry
* DKIM Feature (in sending mail)
* SPF Feature (in sending mail)
* Free Anti-Spam (in receiving email)
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Advanced Features
Unlimited Traffic Capacity
Easy to use management interface
Sending / Receiving Unlimited Amount and Sized E-mails
7x24 Online Administration

Interface Support:
Wide Mail Client Support (Outlook Express, Pine, Apple mail etc.)
WebMail Support
SMTP Support
IMAP Support
IMAPs Support
POP3 Support
POP3s Support

Anti-Spam Support
Blacklist & Whitelist Support
Anti-Virus Protection

Features That Makes a Difference :
E-mail Forwarding
Catch-All Forwarding (*
Vacation Message
Sending and Receiving Emails with Cell Phone, Blueberry, Palm etc.
Personal Calendar
Shared Calendar
Creating Mail Groups

7x24 Availability

You can send and receive email securely and fast with Alantron email packages.

Popular Application Areas

Individuals and companies who need a secured and customized communication infrastructure.

Individuals and companies who has to protect their e-mail boxes from attacks like spam, virus etc.

Small and medium sized companies who intends to move towards internet.

Companies who would need access to their e-mail boxes via mobiles devices like cell phones and PDAs.

Companies who would benefit from a Shared Calendar.

Companies who are required to receive emails via digitally secured channels.

Individuals and companies who want to create e-mail groups.