Alantron Online Security Guarantee

Online Security Guarantee Inclusive to Alantron services we guarantee and cover %100 the non-stop operationality of your domain name server configurations, your owner rights on your domain names and all the damages in this content. The theft of your domain rights due to lost password is also covered. The un-interrupted conservation of your full domain name configurations are bound to your personal password protection responsibilities as described below.

We get united for the same purpose
Your security is our priority and we are helping you in keeping your domain names safe. As you do with your other passwords please do not share your Alantron username and password with others (family, friends, accountants etc.). If you want to share your domain control rights with these people then create new accounts and assign limited rights (billing contact, technical contact etc.) to this accounts.

Our Guarantee
Alantron is taking all the necessary measures to keep your accounts and domains safe and is providing you means to securely do your transactions online. Alantron fully stands behind the services it offers. In this concept we provide %100 money-back guarantee for each domain that we offer. Also your ownership rights and %100 management capabilities are also guaranteed during the course of the registration. Alantron also follows a privacy policy for your accounts and domain names. You can reach our Privacy Policy at here.

ICANN Protection
Each domain purchased from Alantron as an end-user or a reseller is protected by ICANN organization besides Alantron. This protection covers your legal rights on the domain, the domain's accessibility and your management rights on your domain. The international ICANN organization provides you these protections :

  • In case you experience a problem during the course of Registrar services or if the Registrar ceases commercial activities ICANN will intervene and assist you in accessing your domains via another registrar in the following 30 days.
  • For complaints and concerns against a Registrar you have rights to contact and ask for assistance from ICANN directly. To sustain Alantron's high level performance and quality standards Alantron agreed to assign ICANN as its auditor.

You can find out more about our protection policies on your domains at Registration Agreement.

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You can reach us at live chat with your technical questions or your concerns about the security of your accounts and domains. You can send your written questions or concerns via Contact Us pages.