Information About the Registration, Renewal and Transfer of a Je Domain

You can easily register and manage your Je domain name at At this page you will find all information you may need about .je domain names.


The pricing for .JE new registration, renewal and transfer is given below.

  • Yeni Kayıt (1 year): 214.80 USD
  • Yenileme (1 year): 214.80 USD
  • Transfer(1 year): 214.80 USD
Multiple year registration and renewal of .Je domain names is allowed.


  • Real-time (immediate) Registration: Yes
  • Document Requirement: No
  • Required Documents:
  • Online Domain Name Server (DNS) Management: Yes
  • Max. # of Domain Name Servers (DNS): 13
  • Online Child Domain Name Server (Nameserver) Management: Yes
  • Max. # of Child Domain Name Servers (Nameserver): Unlimited
  • Domain Name Lock: Yes
  • Domain Name Privacy Protection: Yes
  • URL (Web) Redirection: Yes
  • Email Redirection: Yes
  • Catch-all Email Redirection: Yes
  • Automatic Park Page: Yes
  • DNS RR Records (A, CNAME, MX, A6, TXT, SRV): Yes
  • IPv6 Support: Yes
  • WHOIS Management: Yes
  • Domain Name Ownership Change Allowed: Yes
  • Domain Name Administrative Contact Change Allowed: Yes
  • Domain Name Billing Contact Change Allowed: Yes
  • Domain Name Technical Contact Change Allowed: Yes
  • Incoming Transfer Procedure: Automatic
  • Internal Transfer: Allowed
  • Outgoing Transfer Allow Date: Including last day
  • Outgoing Transfer Procedure: Automatic
  • Automatic Renewal: Yes
  • Domain Name Suspention: Yes
  • TMCH: No
  • Backorder: Yes
  • DomainChain Special Protection Solution Yes
  • Bulk Domain Name Registration: Yes
  • Domain Name Transfer: Yes
  • Domain Name Renewal: Yes
  • New Registration Cancellation Period: 0 days
  • Transfer Cancellation Period: until transfer completed
  • Renewal Cancellation Period: 0 days

General Information

  • Country: gTLD (genel)
  • Hosting Requirement: No
  • Use of Different Subnet IP Requirement: No
  • Special Conditions: -

For domain names that require documentation one of our customer representatives will contact you. Most documents can be uploaded online.

Online Operations

You can choose one of the operations below if you want to manage a .JE domain name at Alantron.

** Cancellation of documented domain names before the operation is completed can be possible. For more information please contact Customer Support department.

General Domain Name Rules

Domain Name Feature Descriptions

Things to Know About Backorder

Domain Name Transfer Rules

Domain Name Disputes

Protected Domain Names

Refund Coverages