Tips on Alantron Customized DNS Interface

Customize Name Servers section is only for experienced administrators. does not provide technical support on this interface. You are required to have a good understanding about Resource Records and DNS overall to achieve your goal in this section.

Below is a short coverage of the functionalities and information the administrators can use.

1. Login to the domain name you want to manage with your user name and password.


2. Enter the respective resource records and push the Add button. Your changes will be applied immediately without a verification step.


A RR : Enter the A resource records of the domain name.

CNAME RR : Enter the CNAME resource records of the domain name.

MX RR : Enter the MX resource records of the domain name.

A6 RR : supports IPv6 addressing scheme. Enter the A6 resource records of the domain name.


3. To delete a particular entry, press the Delete button next to it. To delete all resource records press the Delete All Records button.


*** Any modifications you make on this page will delete all other nameservers and redirections you previously made.

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