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Comodo™ Domain Validated UCC SAN SSL

Based on Unified Communication algorithm Comodo™ Domain Validated UCC SAN SSL Security Certificate is an economical certificate which can support both WWW and non-WWW sub-dns of your domains. This certificate can be delivered within minutes by domain name verification and supports Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office Communications Server.

Comodo™ Domain Validated UCC SAN SSL Security Certificate
  • Supports for Both WWW and non-WWW
  • Optional SAN Feature
  • Strong UCC Encryption Support
  • Cheap Multi-domain SSL Certificate
  • Fast Installation
  • Widest Browser Support
  • Domain Name Verification
  • Root Certificate Authority
  • 256-bit Encryption Support
  • Site Seal
  • Cpanel, Plesk Support
  • IDN (International Domain Name) Support
  • Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office Communications Server Support
  • Single server
  • $50,000 Guarantee

  • Free Technical Support via Phone
  • Free Technical Support via Email/Ticketing System
  • Set-up Documentation Support

  • First Level Chain
  • Unlimited Re-issues
  • Simplifed and Fast Alantron SSL Panel

Optional Features


  • Minimum contract: 1 year
  • Various payment methods
  • Automatic renewal optional

* To see the full list of supported browsers please click here. To see the descriptions of the features of the certificates please click here.

Ideal Usage Areas

  • C-commerce web sites
  • Encrypted e-mail transmissions
  • iWeb sites which deliver sensitive data
  • Corporate intranet portals

Detailed Features UCC SAN
Sub-DNS 2
2048-Bit Encryption
Browser Compatibility max.
Certificate Type domain name
Documents Required No
Root CA
Free Re-issues unlimited
IDN Support
CRL Support
Thawte Site Seal
Technical Support

Terminology :

Detailed Explanation. Mouse over the () picture to see the details.
Feature supported.
 -  Feature not supported.

Comodo™ Domain Validated UCC SAN SSL Server and Browser OS Compatibility

Browser OS

Linux Client OS, Mac OS X, Snow Leapord, Windows

Server OS

Linux, UNIX, Windows Server, Solaris, Novell etc.

Web Sservers

Cobalt, Microsoft IIS, Apache, Tomcat, IBM HTTP, Weblogic

E-mail Servers

SmarterMail, Exchange, Lotus Dominos etc.

Control Panels

Cpanel, WHM, DotNet Panel, Plesk, Hsphere, Helm, Ensim etc.

Proxy, Router, Firewals

ISA, CISCO, Microsoft ISA etc.

Browser Compatibility

supported browsers

Security Certificate Questions

Other Security Certificates

114.40 -$

Basic Features

Comodo™ Domain Validated UCC SAN SSL

Sub Domain...........2

Certificate Type.....Domain Name

Document Required....No

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